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Excellence in Scottish Tourism

How Can This be of Value to You?

  • Bottom-line improvements of as much as 20%
  • Customer satisfaction levels increased by 50%
  • 100% improvement in staff retention
  • Staff absenteeism reduced
  • Increased management time available for strategic future planning
  • Customer complaint levels reduced
  • Easier recruitment often leading to waiting lists for prospective staff

What’s on Offer?

We have packaged together a ‘pick & mix’ suite of options so you can tailor a personalised continuous improvement programme that will bring measurable benefits to your business.  If you are just starting out on the ‘Road to Excellence’ or you if you are a seasoned traveller we can provide you with what you need to really benefit yourself and your business.

Key components of such a tailored package can include any elements of the following –

  • A Systematic Self-Assessment Process (covering every aspect of running a successful business) Being supported to ‘self-diagnose’ yourself and your business in identifying improvement areas and, more importantly, to identify areas of strength that you can build on.  A range of progressive tools are available to help to support the systematic development of the process – in particular we use the Hospitality Assured Standard and the EFQM Excellence Model.
  • Supporting Tools & Techniques.  Access to a range of tools and techniques that, when applied, will help you to make improvement in the areas identified by the Self-Assessment Process.  These include Customer and Employee Feedback methodologies; Business Action Planning; Process Development; Leadership Feedback methods; Competitor Research tools; Benchmarking techniques and People Development activities (including recruitment, appraisal, induction, training, retention, reward & recognition, team building, learning and development)
  • Recognising Achievement.  Our scheme includes recognition of your desire to achieve ‘Excellence in Scottish Tourism’ and the use of our logo.  This can be followed by a cost effective external assessment process which also focuses on feedback that will help your business to improve even further.  This assessment will give you a clear view on where you are on the Road to Excellence.  Such an assessment can be a precursor to Hospitality Assured and/or Quality Scotland external assessments.
  • Post-Assessment Review.  Feedback reports can often be hard going when you’re trying to clearly identify the improvement recommendations.  Whatever the assessment process you go for we can provide you with a clear, straightforward and relevant face-to-face feedback session.  This will help you to get the most from your investment and identify areas for continuous improvement.
  • Ongoing Support.  “Excellence is a Journey not a Destination.” Once you have been recognised you may need to take advantage of our ongoing support programme to ensure that you continue to gain full benefit from your investment.  We can tailor a support programme to with frequency, timing, length and content of meetings that will suit you and your business.
  • Media Promotion.  To gain commercial benefit from all your continuous improvement activities we would encourage you to take advantage of our media promotion programme. We commit to building a case study library which you will be invited to be part of.
  • Knowledge & Information.  Membership will give you access to data, information and knowledge relating to the practice and theory of Excellence.
  • Events.  You will benefit from priority access to a wide range of industry and Excellence events including workshops, networking events and benchmarking visits.
  • Learning & Development.  Preferential rates for our ‘Reach For the Stars’ suite of leadership and team development activities will be available to members to kick-start the process and/or to underpin the team’s knowledge and understanding of the customer focus.
  • Loyalty Benefits.  You can take advantage of our EXIST Loyalty Scheme.  The more events and learning activities you take part in the more ‘stars’ you will collect towards free attendance at events in the future.

Why Choose Us?

For more than 20 years we have been working with the Continuous Improvement tools and techniques to help businesses improve their bottom-line performance.  More than 300 businesses throughout Scotland have benefited from our expertise in the ‘pick & mix’ activities listed above.

We encourage our clients to measure performance across all aspects of their business and we provide the necessary support to enable you to do this.  Thus we can clearly demonstrate the quantifiable improvements that we highlighted in the introduction.


In addition to the ‘pick & mix’ list above there may be other improvement activities we can assist you with to help you to progress along the Road to Excellence. We can also discuss with you our easy payment scheme.


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