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reach for the stars

What does the future hold?

Who knows? We cannot predict the future but we can focus on the here and now.

Star Focus Ltd has created a new series of Team Coaching Programmes to help smooth your journey into the future for you and your customers.

What is a ‘star’?

A gathering of luminous plasma held together by gravity – imagine if you could use some of the plasma and energy to reach towards the stars when delivering for your customers.

Individually your stars have the ability to shine....but when you get all the stars in the galaxy working together you create brilliance!

Reach for the Starsis a brand new Customer Service Programme designed to get you and your stars focussed in order that you shine for your customers. The emphasis of the program is on having fun while learning.

There are 3 sections to the Programme:

Leading Stars For anyone responsible for a team of staff, supervisors, managers or owners
Rising Stars Developed for the team delivering the journey to customers
Star Bytes Support Stars to complete the cosmos

Delivered by experienced facilitators dedicated to the future of Tourism and value to the Scottish Economy, all facilitators are committed to delivering Customer Service to the highest level. For further information on the Programme and the value it can bring to your organisation, read on...

Leading Stars

A one day program for anyone who leads a team involved internally or externally in service delivery.

The value of the program to you is:

  • Develop future leaders
  • Build a confidence in leading a culture of service excellence
  • Understand the Journey customers take
  • Understand the principles of enjoying work and staying focussed on the job in hand
  • Creating a positive environment for developing your team

Programme Content:

  1. Knowing Stars – the bigger picture
  2. Leading Star behaviour – managing or leading?
  3. Star Promise and Customer Experience focus - using the service promise to maximum advantage
  4. Leading Stars have ears – listening internally and externally
  5. The Galaxy – the chain of service
  6. Star Show – inspiring the rising stars

Rising Stars

A one day customer service program for anyone involved in service delivery. The day will leave you motivated and inspired with a clear plan on how to deliver service that will be remembered for its sparkle.

The value of the program to you is:

  • Understanding the importance of psychology when dealing with customers
  • Extract the importance of having fun, focus, attention and attitude
  • Handling customer complaints and compliments - Feedback
  • Customer journey, needs, expectations
  • Star Service Moments – “What and When”

Programme Content:

  1. Knowing Stars - where you fit in locally and in the bigger picture
  2. Star Focus – understanding the customer experience and planning to deliver service that sparkles
  3. Star Attitude – what it takes
  4. Understanding Stars – it’s as simple as communication
  5. Bright Stars – listening, feedback and confidence when things go wrong
  6. Shining Stars – action planning

Star Dust Sprinkling

A pick and mix of key topics to support the development of leaders through a bite sized two hour workshops:

  • Developing the Leading Star – great leaders need to understand the impact they have as role models!
  • Recruitment and Interviewing star performers – this session will provide you with examples of the tools and techniques excellent businesses use
  • Star Induction – this session will help you introduce a culture of excellence at right from the start
  • Star Training – learn the key skills in training others within the workplace
  • Star Teams – coaching and motivating your team Star Communications – this session guarantees to improve your organisation communications
  • Benchmarking Stars – this session will help you to understand how to learn from others more systematically
  • Star Performance Review - this session will help you be more confident in appraisal and to give more effective feedback
  • Star Business Performance – identifying and implementing the key performance indicators to track your business success
  • Star Service Recovery – implementing an Excellent Service Recovery plan for you business
  • The Power of the Promise – this session can be used to develop a Service Promise with your team and the plan to use it to maximum effect
  • Starring a Culture of Excellence – making sure that your business leadership will ensure your future success
  • Legal Stars – the legal requirements

We offer all REHIS training programmes in Food Hygiene

“Starring Brilliance in Service”

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