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Our experienced team of consultants use a unique collaborative approach with clients, enabling your business to better understand its own strengths, weaknesses and most importantly, its potential.

Drawing on real industry research and proven techniques and processes, we tailor make business solutions to your specific needs based on three key areas:  People Excellence, Leadership Excellence and Customer Services Excellence.

With our flexible pick-and-mix approach, we can do anything from helping improve individual parts of your business to guiding you through the more holistic Hospitality Assured process.

People Excellence
People are the life force of every tourism business, and excellent people = excellent visitor experiences. Through our comprehensive range of services, from coaching and training to sharing best practice and bespoke learning journeys, we can help you tap into and promote the potential of your business’s best asset: its people.

Fostering the life force of your organisation


Leadership Excellence
Coupled with People Excellence is Leadership Excellence, essential for the continuous improvement of your business and its survival in a fiercely competitive industry. Highly effective processes aimed at improving performance such as mentoring, organisation restructuring and business planning enable you to motivate and empower your people, paving the way to take your business to the top.

Setting outstanding standards


Customer Services Excellence
Excellent customer service is at the heart of the visitor experience, combining excellent people with a dynamic, professionally run business, no matter what size your organisation is. Tools including customer satisfaction surveys, mystery shopping, training and benchmarking enable you to deliver outstanding visitor experiences every time.

Raising the bar in your tourism business


At the Tourism Excellence Consultancy, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, but the services below give a taste of what we do:

  • Business coaching
  • Benchmarking trips
  • Individual and team development
  • Customer/employee satisfaction surveys
  • Industry excellence standards assessment (eg HA, EFQM, Quality Scotland)
  • Industry awards applications advice

Recognising room for improvement

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